Tonearm connectors (5pin, female tonearm connectors)


1877Phono Tonearm connectors:

1877Phono is a Canadian company which produces and distributes a variety of products related to analogue audio. We have been using their tonearm connectors on our cables for over 8 years and they still remain our favourite tonearm connector option. Although they are not low cost options, they are very reasonably priced given their high quality. They are produced at very tight tolerances and make use of materials that will ensure minimal impact on signal transfer. They are offered in a few versions in order to accommodate all tonearms and set-ups We would gladly recommend these connectors for any tonearm cable, regardless its price.

1877Phono Classic & Gold Tonearm connectors

A classic tonearm connector design in its highest build quality version. Precision CNC machined housing with a durable matt silver finish. Teflon insulation and gold plated copper contacts ,machined and assembled in very tight tolerances. Our most popular Tonearm connector. Highly recommended. Note that there are many connectors in the market that have a very similar appearance (and we have tried most - if not all of them). With a bit close attention, the quaility of the 1877Phono plugs clearly stands out. This is not an economy option and should not be confused with other very similar aftermarket tonearm connectors.

Unlike other similar connectors that come with a diameter of 12mm, the 1877Phono is produce with an 11.8mm diameter, This small difference is essential  for fitting on certain tonearms that have a pillar diameter smaller than 12mm.

1877Phono Carbon Tonearm connector

The premium straight tonearm connector version by 1877phono, featuring a silver finished metal housing with carbon fiber layering. We would describe it as a luxury product in the sense that it will not offer any additional performance benefit. The connector interface is the same as the other models by the same company. The body of the connector is longer so it should only be used where there is sufficient clearance.

1877Phono angled tonearm connector

This is our favourite angled tonearm connector and one of the best designs in the market. Its small profile makes it suitable for most tonearms/turntables. As with the other tonearm connectors by 1877phono the connector features gold plated OFC copper contacts and precision machined Teflon isolation. The 2 part metal housing of the connector offers a very efficient clamping function. Finished in silver matt.

1877Phono TAD-88

A long, straight version of the 1877phono tonearm connectors, primarily intended for use with tonearms that have their socket deep fitted inside their pillar (i.e. Mayware Formula, Audiocrraft etc). Also very practical for turntables and armboards that require a long connector to reach the tonearm.

Elecaudio Tonearm connector

A minimal tonearm connector with an exquisite selection of materials. The connector interface is made of direct gold plated Tellurium copper contacts and Teflon insulation. Its lightweight housing is made of aluminium and finished with a clear non conductive finish.

Angled Tonearm connector

This tonearm connector represents a low cost option for set-ups that required an angled version. By default it is fitted with Rhodium plated brass contacts. (Gold plated contacts can be available upon request) A well made and finished product featuring Teflon Insulation and nickel plated brass body. Keep in mind that this connectors has a relatively large body and should only be used when there is sufficient clearance. Also, the connector has a diameter (at entry point) of 12mm. Most tonearms will accommodate this size. However, certain tonearms (i.e. Dynavector, Fidelity Research, Signet, some AudioTechnica) will require tonearm connectors with 11.8mm diameter or smaller. So, do keep this in mind when deciding on the suitability of this product.

Straight Carbon Fiber Tonearm connector

Gold or Rhodium plated brass contacts

Teflon Insulation

Piliched Nickel finished brass body

Carbon fiber layering

Note: The connector has a diameter (at entry point) of 12mm. Most tonearms will accommodate this size. However, certain tonearms (i.e. Dynavector, Fidelity Research, Signet, some AudioTechnica) will require tonearm connectors with 11.8mm diameter or smaller. So, do keep this in mind when deciding on the suitability of this product.

Furutech Tonearm connectors.

The Furutech connectors do not need an introduction. they are premium, high end products with their attention to detail and finish taken to the highest level. All the Furutech tonearm connectors feature rhodium plated contacts and stainless steel housing. One thing to keep in mind is that they are relatively large connectors so you have to make sure that there is sufficient space for them.

Custom made tonearm connectors

We have created a small range of custom made tonearm connectors that can be fitted on many of our cables. Such connectors usually serve as an alternative option where a very small profile is required. The connector interface is either the Cardas DIN or it can be made using tellurium copper or brass contacts (depending on the connector design) and Teflon insulation; There are various options regarding the metal housing of the connector. Some examples are illustrated here. Given that we prepare each of these connectors at our workshop (machining the PTFE insulation, hand injecting the contacts and working with the connector housing) we make sure that they meet very high standards. Unlike most connectors of this type, the PTFE dialectic is first spirally threaded into the housing and then locked with a set screw entirely eliminating any loose fitting. The cable jacket is also clamped via set screws.

Angled Tonearm connector (SME Style)

The tonearm connector featured here is NOT an SME product. It does have the same dimensions and profile as the SME connector. However, this product uses circular, flute contacts/pin sockets (gold plated) unlike the SME connector. It is a very good option for tonearms/turntables that allow only a very limited space for the phono cable. It is a very well made connector and a great alternative to the much more expensive SME branded product.

This is a custom made connector using an SME style metal housing and a Cardas connector interface. Such a connector is suitable when there are specific requirements regarding the depth of the tonearm socket and/or the clearance space permitted underneath the tonearm pillar. It has an extremely low profile and it is not suitable for tonearms that have their socket fitted deep in their pillar.

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