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The Silvercord line of handcrafted pure OCC Silver audio cables features low capacitance, solid core designs. They are developed to offer outstanding sonic performance, by a professionally constructed and finished cable assembly. At the same time, these cables have a minimal, ‘no frills’ appearance which allows us to offer them at very competitive prices despite the high quality of their materials.

All of our handmade cables are researched, designed and produced by ourselves in our workshop in Wales using raw materials. We do not use off the reel cables or pre-insulated conductors and all the cables are made on order to meet our customers’ specifications. We are responsible for all production and distribution so that our selling prices are free from any marketing and distribution overheads.

In 2014 we decided to design a line of analogue audio cables which could deliver very similar performance to our CLIO cables but it could also be offered at an even more affordable price. A year later we launched the  Silvercord Phono cable followed by Silvercord Plus.The Silvercord Blue and Silvercord Purple line level interconnect cables followed. Last,  In 2021 we also introduced the Silvercord Duo24 phono and line level interconnect cables. .

All of the phono cable designs in the Silvercord line share some common principles: Very low capacitance, high purity continuous casting silver conductors, Air-Teflon insulation with very low dielectric involvement, heavy shielding using a minimum of a silver plated OFC copper braid with 98% optical coverage (this is one of the finest shielding braids available in the market, by far exceeding the standards of the shields used on audio cables) and a minimal but elegant appearance with an outer silicone compound cable jacket.

The challenge with such cable designs is to assemble and finish them in a manner that ensures consistency of the conductors alignment, durability against regular handling, resistance to the environmental impact, and a user friendly profile with suitable mechanical characteristics. Although the above seem straightforward and they are taken for given, they are usually absent from most handmade (and not only) high end cables. The finish of the cables is kept as minimal as possible but we have chosen to use a high quality airtight insulation for the cable jacket. Braided sleeves that are often used on handmade cables may look appealing but unless the cable assembly is properly finished with a suitable cable jacket, the braided sleeve will not offer any substantial protection to the cable. Braided sleeves allow air and moisture to penetrate a cable that does not have a proper jacket resulting to oxidization of the metal parts and higher levels of energy storing  by the cable dielectric over a short period of time. At the same time braided sleeves offer very little in maintaining the dimensional stability of the cable and mechanically support to the inner assembly. They overall offer a very poor electrical isolation between the cable and its environment and their main role is to be used as an added layer of protection against vibration and handling; not to replace the cable jacket itself.

The extremely flexible silicone rubber jackets we use on the SIlvercord cables, along with a combination of solid and medium density inner insulation and  fine stranded braided shields result to a highly flexible profile. These cables can be used with ease on turntables that require extensive flexing of the signal cable and reduce any mechanical feedback on the tonearm itself. You will find that not only the sonic performance of the Silvercord cables is well above what their price suggests, but also their craftsmanship is beyond one’s expectations for such modest cables.

In a nutshell, the main reasons for choosing one of our Cord Series cables:

- One of the most effective shielding arrangements with a very high coverage and skin depth and low impedance to the ground

- Very low capacitance

- Extremely flexible (for ease of installation and minimal mechanical feedback/strain on the tonearm and the turntable suspension)

- Outstanding build quality and finish to ensure consistent performance and durability over a very long period of time.

- Dedicated, precision executed design, to accommodate optimal geometry, dielectric and conductor material.

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